Our cost varies by the type/volume of transcription you are requesting and a few other factors. For a personalized quote, please use the contact form found here.
Audio files are submitted through the website.
GoldScripts has certified, expert transcriptionists to ensure your organization receives the highest quality transcripts. Every transcriptionist works within his/her respective area of expertise. We can create a specialized team to work specifically on audio from your company if necessary.
At GoldScripts we are capable of handling expedited turnaround times. We can accommodate daily and overnight service, without a decline in our Gold service.
Through our secure software and transmission protocols, all interactions between your computer and our systems are highly protected by our secure FTP and 128 SSL encryption security systems. Our security protocol also includes Network redundancy, VPN implementation and a secure firewall. We are fully HIPAA / HITECH compliant and adhere to industry security standards.
Our certified transcriptionists have gone through rigorous testing and have industry-leading training and strong transcription experience.
An email is sent when a file is ready for download.

Yes, all clients’ files are downloaded to external drives and held for a period of two years. However, should a client request, GoldScripts is willing to delete all information and files immediately upon said request. GoldScripts will issue a certification to the customer upon completion. Complying with such requests will aleve GoldScripts of all liability for previously transmitted files.

Should a customer need additional copies of their documentation, those files will continue to reside on the server for 120 days after initial delivery. Thereafter, for transmission of additional copies, a nominal fee will be required.

Whenever you have questions or concerns, please use the form found on the contact page to get in touch with our office.